The Super Alpha Mind-Brain Rejuvenation Meditation Audio!

This is the beginning of Conscious Awareness! The beginning of taking control of which thoughts you will allow to take “center stage” and which thoughts will be determined to be of little or no value to you.
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What the Super Alpha Mind-Brain Meditation has to offer

The Super Alpha Mind-Brain Guided Meditation is an integral part of the initial basic training to Conscious Awareness. It has several purposes:

Relax Your Body

Relax your body as much as possible and connect to pure awareness.

Take Conscious Notice

Begin to become aware of and take conscious notice of your random thoughts.

Altered State Of Consciousness

Induce an altered state of consciousness through rythmic breathing.

De-stress Your Mind

Release the artificial stress of your mind and recognize who you truly are.

Notice Your Random Thoughts

Notice how random thoughts spring into the mind seemingly out of nowhere.

Become Aware

Become aware of the part that is taking the conscious control.

Here is what a member shared with me about his experience using the Super Alpha Brain-Mind Meditation Audio:

“I worked a lot with the super-alpha meditation the last weeks and I am amazed, how my consciousness works and what amount of different and absolute useless thoughts pop up and how easy I get completely lost in them. Actually I have the impression that I am kind of sleeping during the day, I am not really present, most of the time lost in my thoughts. Very often they have absolutely nothing to do with what is going on around me.

I noticed a slow but noticeable improvement in my ability to stand back and just witness my thoughts. I experience it as extremely helpful that during the whole meditation time you always remind me to just notice my thoughts and to not get lost in them. If you would have done this less frequently I would have much more difficulty in noticing when and how I drift of.

In the past I have tried several different types of meditation but I have not encountered one which is so effective in letting me see how my mind operates. Not only that, it gives me an awareness, even if it’s only short moments, that there is obviously a “me” that “has” a mind but “is” not the mind.”


This is the beginning of Conscious Awareness!


The beginning of taking control of which thoughts we will allow to take “center stage” and which thoughts will be determined to be of little or no value…or are detrimental to our growth. The guided meditation is “practice” of the technique of conscious awareness…until, like playing a musical instrument, it becomes an automatic response to a desired outcome… total freedom of expression. Please do this guided meditation as often as possible…once a day is ideal. After you’ve listened to the guided meditation for a while, you may do the meditation without having to play the audio. You’ll be able to do it anywhere at anytime.    

Ruben James Founder of The Quantum Experience

A Word From The Author

With the Super Alpha Brain Mind Rejuvenation Meditation you will begin a jouney back to your power. Within a few days you will understand why you have been experiencing so much struggle, confusion and suffering in your life.

You will recognize how much of your life you have been running on autopilot – chasing other peoples dreams and exhausting yourself in the daily hamster wheel.

A new power will awaken in you and when that happens you will start to change your life.


Ruben James, Founder of The Quantum Experience

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