“Ruben James’ Quantum Experience technique has had a dramatic impact on my life. During a single session I connected with a place of calm knowing inside of me. I was able to see clearly the ego choices I had made in the past and my ideal life path designed by my Higher Self. I highly recommend doing a Quantum Session with Ruben”

Walter E. Jacobson, M.D. Psychiatrist, Speaker & Author of Forgive To Win!

“I found that by using Ruben’s quantum experience guided meditation technique, I was able to work my way through the blockages in my chakras and energy system allowing me to release those blockages that were, in fact, the root cause of many of my health problems. I would thoroughly recommend your work to anyone who would like to bring to light the causes of their fears, phobias and certain health issues, and clear them from the energy field, in a very delicate, but efficient way.”

Dorothy Rowatt, White Flower Workshops

“Ruben is a very gifted, sensitive, intuitive and kind facilitator. It is so easy to connect with him and I believe that anyone who works with Ruben will love his gentle guiding touch. Ruben has the ability to work with the client’s value system without imposing his view thus enabling blockages to dissolve with the least resistance and that is indeed an art. ”

– Mercedes Oestermann van Essen, Energy Therapist and Author

“Thank you so much for our session today. It filled me with such a sense of peace and joy to contact aspects of myself whose vision is so pure and clear. Thank you for your wonderful work and for shining your soul into the world in such a helpful and uplifting way!”

– Joy Ayscue, Co-founder, The Conscious Healing Initiative & Wake for Consciousness

“I have been in the world of healing for about 9 years and had been stuck with a part of my “subconscious” that would not allow me to move forward with my business and related aspects of my life. Even though I have worked with other healers, this “issue” was so deeply ingrained, I could not get to the root of it. I had been at battle with myself for a solid year! Even though I have very powerful tools that I use, I had been in an impasse.

Using his unique gift, Ruben was able to take me into the aspects of my sub-personality that had been so deeply defended and buried. With strong and loving guidance, Ruben was able to create a safe place for me to connect with these aspects of my buried sub personality. It has been a very rare person that I have worked with that has such genuine gentleness and grace. Because of my own gifts, and with Ruben’s truly “life shifting” work, I am now able to move forward and forgive myself and others for the blocks I had created.

Regardless of what tools, gifts or modalities you use, or may have used, I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of working with Ruben James. In my experience, few people work so deeply from a heart based space. His work is unique and lovingly powerful.”

Shawna O’Meara
Licensed Certificate of Science ThetaHealing®
Master Teacher and Practitioner